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Many borrowers have issues working with brokers instead of direct lenders. Here are a few benefits of working with a hard money mortgage broker versus a direct lender. FBC Funding is a Commercial and Hard Money Correspondent Lender and Mortgage Broker offering the best of both worlds.

Here are 5 reasons borrowers should work with a professional mortgage brokers:

1. A professional mortgage broker knows the market, the products and the borrowers background. A professional mortgage broker will know the best product for his client. The borrower does not know most loan offerings, which loan his property qualifies for, or the best loan for their circumstances. When a borrower is looking for a commercial mortgage or a hard money loan there are many options and each borrower has different circumstances and requirements as well as different qualification factors.

2. A professional mortgage broker will save you time. Many borrowers will waste lots of time energy and money or applying for loans they don’t qualify for or that are not the best program for them. A professional mortgage broker will be able to quickly know where they have the best chance of obtaining the best financing for their project.

3. The professional mortgage broker has many options available for quick financing and can help the borrower get funded quickly if that is the main objective. There are many commercial mortgage and hard money loan options that most borrowers do not know about.

4. A professional mortgage broker will prepare a professional loan package submitting only what is needed that will increases the chances for in the least possible time with minimum headaches. Commercial mortgage and hard money loan submission packages make a big difference in success or failure.

5. A professional mortgage broker represents the borrower and will assist them in analyzing loan offers and choosing the one most beneficial commercial mortgage or hard money loan. They are not just selling the product they have,but in representing the client they provide the best options.

FBC Funding is a Correspondent Lender and a Professional Mortgage Broker representing borrowers to find the best commercial mortgage or hard money loan for their real estate investment business. We work directly with borrowers and professional mortgage brokers to help borrowers meet their financing goals.

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