Multifamily Value Add Purchase Rehab Loan

    Multifamily Value Add Purchase Rehab Loan Advantages Multifamily Value Add  For Multifamily Value Add real estate investors purchase rehab loans with low down payments are rare. We offer our standard low doc purchase rehab loan with as little as a 10% down payment of the purchase price up to 20 units for experienced investors. This program allows Real Estate Investors to increase the property value by improving the property and increasing… [Read More]

Multifamily Value Add Purchase Rehab Loan with 10% Down

Multifamily Value Add Purchase Rehab Loan with 10% Down   Multifamily Value Add Purchase Rehab Loan  Real Estate Investors can buy and rehab apartment buildings with as little as 10% down on two-to-twenty-unit residential and commercial investment properties. To qualify for the Multifamily Value Add Purchase Rehab Loan a Real Estate Investor must meet the experience, credit, and liquidity guidelines…. [Read More]

New Construction Financing for Investors

New Construction Financing for Real Estate Investors  Whether you prefer fix and flip, buy and hold or BRRRR as an investment strategy you will find great returns in adding the new construction to achieve your investment goals. Investing in New Construction it is generally easier to have greater profit margin that in many fix and… [Read More]

FBC Funding Funds Real Estate Investors

FBC Funding Partners with Real Estate Investors, helping new and experienced investors meet their short term and long term financing needs. We are Real Estate Investors, Lenders and Mortgage Brokers ourselves. We offer many financing options for residential and multifamily investment properties including: Fix and Flip, Rental Loans, Bridge Loans, Construction Loans, Portfolio Loans, Multifamily Loans… [Read More]

Mortgage Broker: Hard Money Lender

Commercial Mortgage Broker

Should You Work With a Mortgage Broker Many borrowers have issues working with brokers instead of direct lenders. Here are a few benefits of working with a hard money mortgage broker versus a direct lender. FBC Funding is a Commercial and Hard Money Correspondent Lender and Mortgage Broker offering the best of both worlds. Here… [Read More]

Illinois Rehab Lending (Fix and Flip) Programs

FBC Funding Illinois Rehab Lending (Fix and Flip) Programs for Real Estate Investors: We offer many fix and flip rehab loan programs for Real Estate Investors in Illinois. Below is and overview of some of our top programs. With Flexibility to offer many options FBC Funding is a nationwide broker for rehab programs with special… [Read More]


100% Fix and Flip Loan The 100% of purchase price plus 100% of rehab fix and flip loan has been updated as of April 2021. The good news is the LTV has increased. With a maximum loan amount not to exceed 65% on program 1 for a new investor or up to 70% for an… [Read More]

Deferred Payment Fix and Flip Loan

Deferred Payment Fix and Flip Loan Deferred Payment Fix and Flip Loan: Most Real Estate Investors who are serious about their business want options to help them do more rehab projects with less money.  These real estate investors want options to do more projects at the same time. There are many ways to accomplish this…. [Read More]