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FBC Referral Partners are an exclusive group of real estate and finance professionals who expand their success with referrals, while introducing real estate investors to our loan products.

As a referral partner, one of the first benefits you’ll see is how the traffic you send to FBC Funding closes at a higher rate than many other loan programs. So you end up putting more money in your pocket with less effort.

This is truly like no other referral partner program because membership is only for people committed to taking action. As such, if you have a strong desire or are currently making money in real estate finance with minimum work — and you consistently do what you say you’re going to do — you’re encouraged to apply.

To Refer a borrower you just go to the www.rehablender.net and click refer a borrower in the menu bar. Or just click here to refer a borrower.

Just remember, membership is not about sitting back and watching others succeed. You are expected to actively promote our competitive loan products. And, for your efforts, you receive considerable compensation.

5 Reasons You Make Money Fast as an FBC Referral Partner

  1. You earn Big Commissions. With our wide array of attractive loan products, you can earn big commissions every month by just making one or two closings. Your referral pays from .25 percent of the total loan amount for each successfully closed loan transaction.
  2. You earn Overrides. If you refer other agents, you earn .20% of their closed loan amount.
  3. You earn Bonuses on top of Big Commissions. FBC Funding pays bonuses to those referral agents who refer more clients and fund more deals.
  4. You Close More Loans. We qualify borrowers that other hard money lenders reject. This creates commissions that you would have otherwise lost.
  5. You get all the Support you need. We have the support and resources needed to maximize your efforts. We do all the heavy lifting for you by creating proven ads and promotional materials, ensuring you see the highest conversion rates possible.
  6. You help others. Imagine how your clients will feel after you make it quick and easy for them to purchase their dream investments. Not only will leads begin to POUR in for you, but you will also further establish yourself as a real estate professional!


If you want to be a member of our exclusive community, here’s what to do next:

  • Plan and strategize your marketing. When you do this first, you’re more likely to stick to the schedule and maximize your marketing efforts, which results in greater success. We can help you in this area.
  • Click the button below and fill out the form in complete detail. This allows us to evaluate your ability and commitment to partnering with us and offering our loan products.

Signup Here for FBC Referral Partner Program and Partner with us!

  • Await your FBC Funding Referral Partner Approval. Your application is not immediately accepted using some autoresponder. Real people decide if you’re a good fit for the FBC Funding Referral Partner Program. We want to talk to you before approval. Once accepted into the group, you will begin receiving regular communication from our team. We keep you informed of upcoming promotions, product launches, events and private training opportunities to help you jumpstart your sales.

Remember, you receive unlimited support to ensure you maximize your referrals.

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