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FBC Funding of South Holland, Illinois has been your devoted hard money and rehab lender for over 20 years! We offer reliable rehab, hard money, fix and flip, commercial real estate, rental properties and unsecured business loan programs. We make the process of real estate investment funding fast and easy. We enables clients nationwide with income-producing properties to receive funding in a quickly with our simplified loan process. We lend no just South Holland, Illinois. We lend in the greater Chicago Area. We lend nationwide.

What is a Hard Money Loan?

By definition a hard money loan is a very specific type of loan. Hard Money revolves around asset-based loan financing. The borrower receives funds secured by the value of their real estate. Hard money loans will typically be issued under private investors or companies (such as ourselves), as opposed to banks. Because of this, the interest rates of hard money will generally be higher than more conventional commercial or residential property loans. That is because the risk is higher than conventional real estate loans.

Most hard money loans are used for short-term projects. They typically last from a few months to no more than a couple years. The criteria reviewed when considering a good candidate for a hard money loan varies largely by the lenders. However, most hard money lenders primarily qualify  this type of loan based on the value of the real estate being secured.  Credit scores, income, assets and experience are other criteria considered. The value of the property is the primary guideline for loan evaluation.

Though we are a Hard Money and Rehab Lender in South Holland, Illinois, we offer a wide variety of programs to meet your residential and commercial real estate investing goals. Not only do we offer over forty residential and commercial programs for real estate investment businesses, we also have banking and commercial conduit relationships to offer agency, bank and alternative funding loans and lines of credit for investors and businesses with qualified projects throughout the United States and Canada.

Some Types of Real Estate/Property to Serve as Collateral Include:

  • Residential Investment - purchase, refinance, rehab, and new construction
  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Centers
  • Self Storages
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • Multi-Family Apartments - purchase, refinance, rehab and new construction
  • Assisted Living Condos
  • Hospitality Properties - flagged and unflagged
  • Student Housing
  • And More...

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