100% Fix and Flip Financing with Gap Funding

100% Fix and Flip Financing with Gap Funding

 Hard Money Rehab Loan

Most Fix and Flip Real Estate Investors would prefer to put little or no money down when buying a property to rehab and sell. Using our 100% Fix and Flip financing with Gap Funding can help many investors who did not qualify for our full documentation 100% program.


The Advantages of 100% Fix and Flip Financing with Gap Funding: The advantages are many and a few are listed below.

  • Little or No Money out of Pocket!
  • Do Deals you otherwise could not!
  • Purchase multiple properties at once!
  • Take advantage of projects when your liquidity is low!
  • Do More Deals and Make More Money!
  • Greater return on your investment!

Little or No Money out of pocket means you have your money for other projects, for cash reserves or to do whatever you want to do with it.

To Do Deals you otherwise could not because you did not have down payment, closing costs and reserves. Gap funding can provide down payment, closing costs, reserves, and money to start the project.

Purchase multiple properties at once provides you an opportunity to take advantage of more than one deal at a time. You only invest in deals that make money, so you don’t miss a good investment.

Take advantage of projects when liquidity is low allows us to not lose out on good investments due to short term low in liquidity.

Do more deals make more money is obvious. You can make more money when you can do more deals. You even make more money by doing more deals at a higher costs because your are doing more deals. A simple example is if you make $60,000 to do one deal, it makes sense to do 2 deals and only make $55,000 per deal with the same funds and at the same time you can only do 1 deal.

Greater return on your investment means you invest less and therefore your return on investment is greater. Savvy investors understand return on investment is more important than costs. In the previous example the costs were $5,000 greater per project but for the same amount invested you can make $110,000 instead of $60,000.


The Disadvantages of 100% Fix and Flip Financing with Gap Funding:

Simply put, gap funding adds additional costs to your project. The costs could be 7% to 12% of the amount of the gap funds. The question you must answer with each deal you do, first, is it a good investment. Secondly ask yourself will any of the advantages of using Gap Funding for 100% fix and flip financing help me and make this a worthwhile deal.


Qualifications for 100% Fix and Flip Financing with Gap Funding:

Gap Funding is signature only funding with no collateral and you can qualify with no income verification or with income verification. For no income verification you should have a credit score of at least 720, no lates in the last 2 years, credit history greater than 4 years with at least one unsecured account greater than $5,000. For income verification the credit score can be as low as 680 but the verifiable income should be at least $50,000.

Let FBC Funding help you close more deals and make more money with a higher return on investment with our 100% fix and flip financing with Gap Funding.

To be prequalified we need a recent credit report and the last 30 days of pay stubs or 2 years tax returns if self employed. Income verification is not necessary for the lite doc program.


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