Real Estate Investing with Unsecured Funding

FBC Funding offers Unsecured Credit Lines and Term Loans Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing

Unsecured Funding for Real Estate Investing

StopĀ giving away half of your profits to a funding partner! Our unsecured credit lines can be used to purchase, rehab, and fix & flip real estate. You can leverage our unsecured financing to do more deals, buy property for less, close faster, rehab your properties easier and increase your bottom line on each and every property you purchase.

You can us the money and make payments on your revolving business line of credit as often as you need. This means you can use the same line over and over again with no additional fees or closing costs. As you fix and flip the property your line is paid off once the home is sold and you have the line available to do it again. This is an exciting program for most real estate investors.

You can leverage these funds to:

  • do multiple deals at the same time
  • buy properties at auctions or sheriff sales for cash
  • fix and flip property with no additional financing
  • wholesale properties for immediate returns
  • build your buy and hold real estate investments
  • get lower prices as you are a cash buyer
  • finance properties lenders do not like
  • You can be the investment Partner with Cash
  • build additional business credit easily


Unsecured Funding Real Terms

  • Rates as low as 8.99%
  • 0% starter rates are often offered
  • No Income is checked
  • Quick approvals
  • close in as little as 15 days
  • Unsecured – no collateral required
  • Unrestricted use – no questions asked
  • credit lines same as cash
  • no upfront costs – no application fee or appraisal fee
  • Unsecured Funding may be a term loan or a credit line
  • Unsecured funding may be business or personal
  • Business Credit line does not report to personal credit bureau or affect debt to income ratio’s
  • Personal Credit lines may have higher limits
  • Personal Credit Lines may have lower rates

If you manage your unsecured credit well for six to twelve months you can increase your credit lines to help further grow your real estate investing business.

What could your Real Estate Investing Business do with $100,000 or more?

Unsecured Funding for Real Estate Investing Guidelines

  • Minimum Credit Score 680. Meeting the minimum credit score does not guarantee approval – Credit profile is reviewed.
  • Minimum Income is $50,000.
  • Maximum Debt to income Ratio is 40%. We offer programs for borrowers with strong credit were income is not verified. Those rates may be higher.
  • Maximum Credit Usage is 40%. No credit card should have an unpaid balance greater than 40% of the credit limit.
  • Maximum Credit Inquiries is 5 per credit bureau in the last year.

Real Estate Investing with unsecured funding can really increase your business if you qualify for unsecured funding.

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