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WHY NMLS Licensed MLO Originators Should Partner with FBC Funding

Most NMLS Licensed MLO Originators do not offer Residential and Multifamily DSCR Rental Loans for Investors, Residential and Multifamily Rehab Loans for Investors (Hard Money Loans),  Residential or Multifamily Ground Up / New Construction loans, or Multifamily and Mixed Use Bridge or  Long Term loans for Commercial Properties. Because these are all business purpose loans, there is not a conflict of interest and most NMLS licensed lenders do not offer these products. Therefore, NMLS licensed MLO originators can better serve their investor clients with an expanded product line and make additional money doing so.


How NMLS Licensed MLO Originators could Partner with FBC Funding

There are three ways a NMLS Licensed MLO Originators can partner with FBC Funding. They can be FBC Funding Referral Agents, FBC Funding Loan Officers, or FBC Funding Approved Loan Brokers.

  • FBC Funding Referral Agent: A FBC Funding Referral Agent will simply refer a borrower to FBC Funding by providing their name, phone number and email address plus a short description of what the borrower wants to do. At that point an FBC Funding Loan Officer will call the borrower and confirm what they want to do. Then the Loan Officer will originate the loan. Once the loan closes the FBC Funding Referral Agent will receive 25 basis points just for referring a borrower. The FBC Funding Referral Agent is also eligible for monthly volume bonuses of up to an additional .25 basis points.
  • FBC Funding Loan Officer: A FBC Funding Loan Officer will Originate the loan. They will prospect, build referral relationships, and maybe get leads to originate. The FBC Funding Loan Officer will prequalify the borrower, present and sell the best product for the client, help them complete the application, collect the required initial loan documents, and make sure the borrower pays for the appraisal. At that point processing takes over. The loan officer is paid from 40% commission to 60% commission depending monthly volume and experience level.
  • FBC Funding Approved Broker: The FBC Funding Approved Broker does everything the Loan Officer does but is paid by the borrower by providing a signed broker agreement to charge the borrower up to 2 points Broker fee. The Approved broker will be paid directly on the HUD from the title company.

Whichever way the NMLS Licensed MLO Originator chooses to Partner with FBC Funding, they greatly improve their product offerings for their residential and commercial real estate investors and make substantially more money by doing so. For more information on programs and products offered by FBC Funding, go to our website at rehablender.net You can also click here to schedule a call with FBC Funding. Or call 888-848-3114 and ask for Louis.

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