FBC Funding Funds Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Investor Funding

FBC Funding Partners with Real Estate Investors, helping new and experienced investors meet their short term and long term financing needs.

We are Real Estate Investors, Lenders and Mortgage Brokers ourselves. We offer many financing options for residential and multifamily investment properties including:

Fix and Flip, Rental Loans, Bridge Loans, Construction Loans, Portfolio Loans, Multifamily Loans and Home Equity Investments 

If you need Hard Money, Conventional or Alternative Financing for your residential, multifamily, mixed use or commercial properties we can help.

Programs Include:

Fix and Flip Residential:
  1. 100% Financing – Full Doc
  2. up to 90% financing purchase and 100% rehab -Lite Doc
  3. up to 85% financing purchase and rehab – No Doc
  4. up to 80% for Bridge Loans
  5. $2,000,000 exposure line of credit
  6. no monthly payment option
  7. Multifamily and Mixed Use options
Rental Loans Residential & Multifamily:
  1. No ownership seasoning
  2. No Income verification
  3. Unleashed  and vacant property options
  4. Cash Out up to 75%
  5. Purchase or Rate and Term up to 80%
  6. Short term rentals (ie AIRBNB)
  7. 1 – 4 units and 1 – 4 mixed use
  8. Portfolio loans – Residential – Multifamily and Mixed Use
  9. Multifamily 5+ Units
We actively promote and finance Real Estate Investors following the BRRRR investment strategy to build a real estate portfolios and cash flow.
Whatever your strategy is we would love to partner with you offering great products, service and experience.
To connect you can call at 888-848-3114 or click here to schedule a Loan Consultation.
You may also email louisj@fbcfunding.com
We also pay referral fees Click here for more information on our affiliate program.

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