Deferred Payment Fix and Flip Loan

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Deferred Payment Fix and Flip loan

Deferred Payment Fix and Flip Loan

Deferred Payment Fix and Flip Loan: Most Real Estate Investors who are serious about their business want options to help them do more rehab projects with less money.  These real estate investors want options to do more projects at the same time. There are many ways to accomplish this. They include:

  • 100% Financing – low down payments (see program options here)
  • Low Interest Rates (see program options here)
  • Deferred Payment Fix and Flip Loan

All of these options will allow borrower to use less of their personal money but each come at a costs.

The 100% financing option requires a better credit profile or charge extremely high costs. The full documentation 100% financing program allows closing costs to be rolled into loan as long as the loan does not exceed the maximum ARV. The full documentation option also requires borrower to own their primary residence and allow a second mortgage as additional collateral. The 100% financing program generally takes 4 weeks to process if the borrower is not pre approved.

The Low interest rate option requires good credit profile and a larger down payment. we have rates as low as 6.99%.  This program can take longer to process as with the 100% financing program.

The Deferred or No Monthly payment Program offers down payment as low as 10% and can close in as little as two weeks ( three weeks on the first loan). The draw back is the closing costs may be higher.  Benefits of the Deferred No Monthly Payment Fix and Flip Loan

  • No Monthly Payments – Buy, Rehab, Sell no payments along the way.
  • Low Down Payment – Depending on experience and ARV Up to 90% Loan to Cost
  • Do Multiple Projects simultaneously – No Monthly payments and low down payment mean your funds can go to multiple projects.
  • No Income Verification
  • Quick Close

Why Choose Deferred Payment Fix and Flip Loan

If you are looking to fully leverage a project with minimum cash out of pocket and have a quick loan turn around to fund in 2 weeks with minimum paper work this is the program for you. The program is especially helpful for experience investors who have completed four or more rehab projects in the last 2 years. These reasons savvy real estate investors should choose the deferred no payment fix and flip loan.

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