Real Estate Investor Fix and Flip Rehab Credit Line Many seasoned and committed residential and commercial real estate fix and flip rehab investors seek to have a simple means of ready financing that is less expensive and helps there business run smoother more predictable and generally better. Investors do not want to seek funding or… [Read More]

10 Down Rehab Loan For Real Estate Investors

10 Down Rehab Loan We offer many low down payment hard money rehab loan programs with as little as 10% of the purchase price as a down payment and 100% of rehab costs covered. Many Real Estate Investors prefer rehab loan financing programs with low down payments. This allows them to qualify without having to… [Read More]

100% Fix and Flip Guidelines

  100% Fix and Flip Guidelines Real Estate Investor Funding 100% fix and flip guidelines for real estate investors. As a Mortgage Banker Specializing in Rehab and Fix and Flip financing FBC Funding offers many programs, including many residential fix and flip programs that offer No Money Down options for the purchase and 100% of… [Read More]

What is The Best Hard Money Loan

Hard Money Programs Hard Money. There are many types of hard money or fix and flip financing programs available today. The question many investors are asking is, what is the best option for me. This answer really depends on your circumstances because there is no one best option for every investor. That is  one major… [Read More]

Fix and Flip Loan Low Credit Score and No Income

FIX AND FLIP That’s right! You can qualify for a fix and flip loan with no credit check and no income verification.  In fact you can qualify for up to 90% of the purchase price and 100% of the renovation  costs. We now require a minimum credit score of 620 and no verification of income. Due… [Read More]

FBC Funding Real Estate Investor Programs

Real Estate Investor Programs FBC Funding has a wide variety of financing programs for the Estate Investor. These programs range from Residential to Commercial, Fix and Flip to Long Term Rental, Stated Income to Lite Doc to Full Doc, to Individual Properties to Blanket Loans.  As a Broker we do not just market one set… [Read More]

Purchase Rehab Fix and Flip Financing

Do you need financing for your Real Estate Investment Business? Today there are funding options for whatever strategy you have chosen to pursue, including The “Buy and Hold”, Fix and Flip”, or “Wholesale” strategies. As a Real Estate Investor who focuses on residential 1 to 4 unit non owner occupied properties you would know there… [Read More]