Fix and Flip for Novice Investors

Fix-and-Flip Financing

Are you a novice at real-estate investing or an experienced real estate investor again exploring the best financing solutions for maximum profit? FBC Funding is a group of local mortgage professionals with a focus on financing for fix-and-flip projects and hard money loans. We offer fix-and-flip financing for beginners with up to 90% loan to cost. With just 10% down payment on the combined value of purchase and rehab costs, you can start on the path to becoming a skilled real-estate investor. If you’re interested in becoming a fix-and-flipper fill out the Quick Quote form on the right of the screen or contact us at (888) 407-6767 for a consultation today.

FBC Funding has several lending partners who offer competitive interest rates, even for investors who are just starting in real estate investing. When a new borrower comes to us for financing, we look closely at his or her financial status and goals in investing to determine what type of financing makes sense for each. We provide conventional financing as well as “hard-money” financing, in which loan approval is based primarily on the value of the property being financed, rather than a borrower’s financial fitness. Hard money loans are popular among real-estate investors for several reasons:

  • Loans secured by the value of a property rather than based on a borrower’s financial status, credit history and other personal criteria
  • Shorter terms, which are ideal for the fix-and-flip timeline
  • Faster answers than big banks can provide with conventional financing

Getting Started May Be Easier Than You Think

Real-estate investing does not necessarily require a huge up-front cash influx, which is a plus for beginner fix-and-flippers. For novice investors, we offer programs with 90% loan to cost, which equals the total of the purchase price of a home and the estimated value of rehabilitations. That means you’ll need to raise 10% as a down payment. If you purchase an investment property at $100,000 and renovations cost $25,000, you’ll need to supply 10% of $125,000, or $12,500, as a down payment. There are additional requirements such as a minimum credit score. For more information on these requirments contact us today at (888) 407-6767.

We’re Here to Help You Grow

Once you’ve established a relationship and had some success as a fix-and-flipper, you may want to transition to a program with 100% financing for purchase and rehab. We offer these programs to skilled real-estate investors with good to excellent credit scores, who have proven successes and profitability from their investment properties. We also provide lines of credit for investors who purchase multiple properties and need fast access to cash flow. Many of our clients have worked with us since they began in real-estate investing.

Local Expertise and Personalized Attention

When you’re ready to learn more about fix-and-flip financing for beginners, the professionals at FBC Funding are here to help. We can connect you not only with funding for your new venture, but also with local real-estate agents who can help you when it comes time to find properties with great potential. If you want to learn more about real-estate investing fill out the Quick Quote form on the top right of your screen or contact us at (888)407-6767 to schedule a consultation or simply to ask questions about how to begin.

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