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FBC Funding, LLC offers more and better products, better pricing, and better service to real estate investors in 40 states. As a premier residential and commercial lender we help Real Estate Investors succeed.

FBC Funding, LLC started 11 years ago as Financing Broker Commercial Funding Corporation.

We started amid a financial crisis and out of the need to work remotely as we also worked as caregivers for our aging mothers and others. Financing Brokers Commercial Funding was founded by Louis Jeffries, who by 2010 had over 20 years’ experience as a residential and commercial mortgage banker. Three years ago on August 28, 2018, FBC Funding, LLC was officially formed adding Richard Jeffries as President and CEO and as we coordinated efforts with our other real estate funding and investment businesses, Next Generation Management & Consulting, LLC and Next Generation Development & Consulting, LLC.

FBC Funding LLC – Better Products  

As we grew through the years there were many challenges as we sought to develop the best relationships offering the best programs and products. As a Commercial Mortgage Broker there are basically 3 to 4 stages you go through in product offerings. The public does not know or understand the difference. Many mortgage brokers do not even understand the difference. Today, we are Proud Correspondent Lenders, Wholesale Lenders and Retail Mortgage Brokers. These stages represent who we are and how we can best serve our clients.

Stage one is a Retail Mortgage Broker: In essence you sale another lenders products and add your fees on top. Many lenders slightly discount their fees but not comparable to wholesale or correspondent. Many lenders only work through retail brokers. We choose this route when there are unique programs like our three 100% financing options for fix and flip investors.

Stage two is a Wholesale Lender / Broker: The broker is allowed to offer a lenders product but are given a wholesale price. Like going to the store and buying a loaf of bread, where the manufacturer sold the bread wholesale for 75 cents and the retailer sales the bread for a dollar. The consumer does not know or care what the manufacturer sells the bread for, they only care about the quality of the product and the service and the price they get it for. Quite often we offer lower prices than they offer themselves. This is because our costs and overhead is lower.

Stage three is a Correspondent Lender. As a correspondent lender, you are the lender. But you have established relationships where you will sell the loan to, either as one loan or a pool of loans. As a correspondent lender you have greater risk, but an opportunity to offer better terms.

In reality no stage is better than another for the customer. Being a retail broker affords you the opportunity to get deals done many people cannot do. If your offering is limited to only the products you have the best terms, a mortgage broker / banker would have a very limited offering and many deals would not happen period!!! Many people believe financing is only about price, but to our clients it is about solutions and profit.

Being Lender and Broker FBC FUNDING offers the best financing solutions to meet our client’s real estate funding needs. With over 40 programs and decades of experience we know how to help our clients and have Better Products to Fund their deals.

FBC FUNDING offers Better Rates – as a Correspondent Lender and Wholesale Broker we get better pricing on our core programs.

Service is a combination of knowledge, follow through, tools and communication. Thirty plus years of experience has given us the knowledge. Follow through and communication is commitment. Tools are investment. Today FBC FUNDING gives Better Service because of our Experience and Knowledge, our Commitment to Follow Through and Communicate, plus our continued Investment in Tools and People.

Today FBC FUNDING is a Better Company.


FBC Funding is your partner to fund your residential and commercial real estate.

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