Commercial Real Estate Appraisal

commercial real estate appraisl

Commercial Real Estate Appraisal The fact is that commercial real estate appraisals cost far more than the any typical residential appraisal.  While an average residential appraisal may cost a few hundred dollars, a commercial appraisals can easily cost a couple thousand dollars or more.   If a client has never secured a commercial mortgage before, they… [Read More]

Second Mortgage Loan for Small Businesses

Second Mortgage Loan

Second Mortgage Loan Second Mortgage Loan for small businesses who own commercial or residential investment real estate. This is a short term, full documentation business loan with real estate as collateral. The loan amount is based on the cash flow from your business. Even though the program is titled second mortgage we can use any… [Read More]

Investor Bridge Loan

Bridge Funding

Investor Bridge Loan Close quick on our residential investor bridge loan program. This program is designed for fix and flip residential investors who need to acquire the property quickly and have verifiable funds to close, and not looking for funds to rehab the property. We can close in two to three weeks depending on title… [Read More]


Real Estate Investor Fix and Flip Rehab Credit Line Many seasoned and committed residential and commercial real estate fix and flip rehab investors seek to have a simple means of ready financing that is less expensive and helps there business run smoother more predictable and generally better. Investors do not want to seek funding or… [Read More]

Rehab Loan: Only 10% Down For Real Estate Investors

Low Down Payment Rehab Loan We offer low down payment hard money loan program with as little as 10% of the purchase price as a down payment with 100% of rehab costs covered. Many Real Estate Investors prefer rehab loan financing programs with low down payments. This allows them to qualify without having to invest… [Read More]