True Hard Money Loan Options

True Hard Money Loan Options FBC Funding has True Hard Money Loan Options.  We can facilitate funding True Hard Money Loan options. True Hard Money loans are pure asset based lending with little or no requirements based on the borrowers credit, experience, or liquid assets. These loans are based primarily on the equity of the…

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NMLS Licensed MLO Partner w FBC Funding?

  WHY NMLS Licensed MLO Originators Should Partner with FBC Funding Most NMLS Licensed MLO Originators do not offer Residential and Multifamily DSCR Rental Loans for Investors, Residential and Multifamily Rehab Loans for Investors (Hard Money Loans),  Residential or Multifamily Ground Up / New Construction loans, or Multifamily and Mixed Use Bridge or  Long Term…

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100% Fix and Flip Financing with Gap Funding

100% Fix and Flip Financing with Gap Funding   Most Fix and Flip Real Estate Investors would prefer to put little or no money down when buying a property to rehab and sell. Using our 100% Fix and Flip financing with Gap Funding can help many investors who did not qualify for our full documentation…

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Fix and Flip Advanced Draws

FBC Funding offers Advanced Draws for experienced fix and flip real estate investors. If you are borrowing money for a fix and flip project most private lenders require you to complete a portion of the rehab work out of your pocket, submit a draw request, wait for an inspection and then they will reimburse for…

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Multifamily Value Add Purchase Rehab Loan

Multifamily Value Add        Multifamily Value Add  For Multifamily Value Add, Real Estate Investors purchase rehab loans with low down payments are rare. We offer our standard low doc purchase rehab loan with as little as a 10% down payment of the purchase price up to 30 units for experienced investors. This program allows Real Estate Investors to increase the property value by improving the property and increasing rental…

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FBC Funding Loans For Investors

FBC Funding offers loans for investors. We are here to partner with real estate investors, helping new and experienced investors meet their short term and long term financing needs. We are also Investors ourselves. We offer many financing options for residential and multifamily investment properties, here are some of our funding programs for investors: RESIDENTIAL FIX…

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FBC Funding, LLC – Better Today

BETTER PRODUCTS, BETTER PRICING, BETTER SERVICE, BETTER COMPANY   FBC Funding, LLC Better Today FBC Funding, LLC offers more and better products, better pricing, and better service to real estate investors in 40 states. As a premier residential and commercial lender we help Real Estate Investors succeed. FBC Funding, LLC started 11 years ago as…

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Multifamily Value Add Purchase Rehab Loan with 10% Down

Multifamily Value Add Purchase Rehab Loan with 10% Down   Multifamily Value Add Purchase Rehab Loan  Real Estate Investors can buy and rehab apartment buildings with as little as 10% down on two-to-twenty-unit residential and commercial investment properties. To qualify for the Multifamily Value Add Purchase Rehab Loan a Real Estate Investor must meet the experience, credit, and liquidity guidelines.…

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Contractors Rehab Loan Program

Special Contractors Rehab Loan Program FBC Funding has a special contractors rehab loan program. We honor and respect your experience as a licensed general contractor. To reward and count your experience FBC Funding offers lower down payment and lower rates on our fix and flip programs for license general contractors. This is how our special…

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Commercial Line of Credit – Bridge Loan

Commercial Line of Credit FBC Funding offers a Commercial Line of Credit for Real Estate Investors as part of our Bridge Loan Commercial Real Estate Funding Program. This Commercial Real Estate Line of Credit offers investors an opportunity to have funds available to purchase additional investment property without paying interest on the funds not in…

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